How to Display Your Own Phone Number on a Motorola Phone

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You can display your own phone number on a Motorola phone if you can't remember it.

If you just got a Motorola phone, or if you rarely call your own phone, you might have difficulty remember what your own phone number is. This can be inconvenient if someone asks you for your number and you need to write it down. Motorola makes a variety of phone models, and some require different methods to display your own phone number. Usually you will push a series of keys on the phone's keypad or options on a touch-screen display to get to the phone's "Status," "Settings" or "Info" menu to have the phone display your own number.


Step 1

Touch "Menu" on a Motorola Droid touch-screen phone, and touch "Setting" on the phone's menu. Touch "About phone," and then touch "Status." Touch "My phone number." The phone will then display your phone number.

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Step 2

Press the round "Navigation" key to bring up the menu on a Motorola Bali phone. Press the "Settings" soft key, and then press the "Phone Info" soft key. Press the "My Number" soft key. Your own phone number will appear on the display.


Step 3

Press the "Main Menu" soft key on a Motorola Grasp cell phone, and then press the "Settings" soft key. Press the "Phone Info" soft key, and then press the "My Number" softkey. The Grasp will then display your phone number.


Step 4

Touch the "Contacts" option on a touch-screen Motorola i1 cell phone to bring up the contacts. Touch the first contact in the list, which is always labeled "Me" and appears above the rest of the alphabetically sorted contacts. This will display your phone number.




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