How to Find Your Own Mobile Number

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Finding your phone number on an iPhone is as simple as looking in the Settings app.
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Whether you just opened a brand new phone line or simply forgot your long-time number, you might wonder, "How do I find my phone number?" The good news is that, regardless of your phone brand or model, you can often find your number from your device's settings if you can locate a phone info or status option. If you don't want to dig through your phone's menus, you have other options that range from checking your phone bill or carrier's portal to calling another phone that has caller ID enabled.


Find Phone Number on iPhone

Finding your phone number on an iPhone is as simple as looking in the Settings app. After opening the app, scroll down to the fourth group of options and tap the "Phone" option. You'll see your phone number on top with additional options below to edit settings like call forwarding, voicemail and call-blocking.


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Find Phone Number on Android

You can use a similar method to find your Android's phone number through your device settings. Start with opening the Settings app and scrolling to the bottom of the list to select "About Phone." Tap the "Status" option to find your phone number listed on top.


Find Number on Other Phones

If you don't have an Android device or iPhone, you may still be able to find your phone number through your device's settings menu, but the process will vary by phone. If you have an old BlackBerry phone, for example, you'd look for an "About" option in the settings, choose "Category" and select the "SIM Card" option to find the number. If you've got a generic flip phone or bar phone, look for a device, status or phone info option in your settings since this will likely be where you'll find your number.


You can look through your phone model's manual, which you can often find on the carrier website or the manufacturer's site, for specific steps.

Other Ways to Find My Phone Number

You might wonder, "What can I do if I still can't find my phone number?" Luckily, you have a few other options to try.


  • Enter a shortcode. Providers often have special shortcodes you can enter as easily as you'd call a phone number. While you'll often find codes that provide information about your account balance, data usage or payment status, some providers have a code that will display your phone number on the screen. This code is #686# for T-Mobile, for example, but you can check your carrier's support website to find the code you should use.
  • Call or text another phone. If you've got a spare mobile phone or your landline has caller ID, simply call your home phone from your mobile device. You can also call or text a friend or family member and ask them the number that appears; you could also just ask the person beforehand since they probably already have your number on their phone.
  • Use a phone number identification website. You can also use your phone's web browser to visit This site has a "Detect Now" button that leads to an option to call a toll-free number and simply hang up. As soon as you end the call, the website will display your phone number and give you options to copy it or share it.
  • Check your phone bill or carrier's website. Your phone bill will usually list the numbers for all devices on the account along with itemized lists of calls, texts and data usage. You can often identify your phone number this way, but it can be trickier if you have multiple lines. In that case, try logging in to your carrier's website and looking for a "devices" or "billing" section of the customer portal. Usually, you'll find both your device make and model and the phone number, making it easier to differentiate between lines.
  • Call your service provider. You can also always call your phone provider. The automated system companies use often identify your number and ask you to confirm it to move forward. If not, though, simply wait to speak to a representative.