How to Check a Samsung Warranty Online

By Steve McDonnell

By starting the process to create a service request on the Samsung website, you can view the warranty information on any product you register.

When you register your Samsung product with your email address on the Samsung website, you can start to create a service request that allows you to view the warranties for parts and for labor. If you've already registered your product, you can easily its warranty status online.


You'll need the product's serial number to complete the registration process.

Register a Product to See Its Warranty

Step 1

Navigate to the Samsung Service Request page to register your product online. If you have never registered a product with Samsung, choose Option 1 and select the Find button to start searching for your product's model number.

Step 2

Find the Samsung model number.

Choose the product type and then follow the subsequent prompts to make selections that locate your product's model number. Choose it and select Submit.

Step 3

Register your product.

Complete the information on the screen provided, including your contact information and the product's serial number, date purchased and location purchased. Choose Continue when done.

Step 4

View your product's warranty status.

Review the information in the Warranty Information section after you've entered and submitted the required information about the product.

Access the Warranty of an Already-Registered Product

Step 1

Log in to your Samsung account.

Navigate to the Samsung Service Request page and choose Option 2. Sign in to your Samsung account with your email address and password.

Step 2

View your registered product list.

Browse the list of registered products. Locate the product for which you want to determine the warranty status and select Service Request.

Step 3

View your product's warranty status.

Scroll to the Warranty Information section to view the status of both the parts and the labor warranties.