How Do I View History in Pandora?

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View history on Pandora to learn the title to your new favorite song.
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The music history section of Pandora allows you to see album art, find out the artist or song title, as well as give a thumbs up or down to any song shown. You can view your listening history from the Now Playing section of Pandora. How you access your history depends on which version of Pandora you use.


Scroll Backward

If you play Pandora on the Web, you can scroll through your music history by hovering your cursor over the album artwork. Click the < arrow and scroll left to see the tracks you've recently played. View your music history similarly on the Pandora desktop app. Click on album artwork to see slight panels to the left and right of the song currently playing. Position your mouse over this area to scroll back and forth through your history. If you use the Pandora mobile app you can view your history from the Now Playing screen. Tap the icon in the top right corner. Now in the Session History section, you can swipe your finger through your recently-played tracks.

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