How to View Your Playlist on Pandora

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With the emergence of Internet radio, listening to music your favorite music can now be done even if you do not own the music you love. Websites like Pandora Internet Radio have brought about a musical revolution that allows users to sign into their free accounts and play music they love all day long. The only drawback is that the precise song and artist cannot be chosen. You can select a specific artist or genre, and songs will be played that fit into that genre or sound similar to the artist you selected. You can however skip through songs that are on the playlist in order to find the perfect song for the perfect moment.


Step 1

Log into your Pandora Radio account on the Pandora Radio homepage.

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Step 2

Click or select the "Your Stations" tab on the Pandora Radio player. A list of your saved radio stations will be displayed.


Step 3

Select one of the radio stations to begin playing it. The song information will be displayed next to the list of the radio stations you have added to your account.


Step 4

Look next to the now playing artist/song and you will see the playlist of the next songs to be played from your radio station.



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