How to Delete Samples on Kindle

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On an Amazon Kindle e-book reader, you have the ability to purchase and download e-books, blogs, and newspapers through The Kindle Store. When shopping The Kindle Store, you can choose to have a sample of any book available on the Kindle to your device free of charge. This allows you to read the first chapter before committing to purchasing the entire book. boasts of its large selection available on any model of the Kindle family, including more than 360,000 books. Once you have finished reading the sample, you can easily remove it from your Kindle device.


Step 1

Go to the homepage on your Kindle by pressing the Home button on the right hand side of the device.

Step 2

Select the sample book you would like to delete by using the five-way toggle to scroll to the item. If you have multiple pages of books on your Kindle, use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons to navigate to each page of books until you have found the item you would like to delete. A black line will appear beneath the title once it has been selected.

Step 3

Press the five-way toggle to the left. The title and author will be grayed out, and a delete button will be highlighted. Press the five-way toggle to confirm that you would like to delete this sample book. If you have pressed the toggle button and a page in the book is displayed, you did not press the toggle button to the left. Press the Home button to go back to the Home screen and reselect the title to be deleted.


Step 4

Verify that you would like to delete this item by pressing the five-way toggle by clicking OK, which is highlighted. The item will be removed from your Kindle.

Things You'll Need

  • Kindle device

  • Sample book to be removed


If you have selected the incorrect book to delete, you can highlight and select the cancel button on the delete item window to keep the sample on your Kindle.

When you have finished reading a sample book, you will be given an option to purchase the book on the last page of the sample.

Every Kindle comes preloaded with a User Guide specific to that model that will provide additional tips and information on familiarizing yourself with your device. The User Guide is listed with your books on the Home screen.


All deleted books are automatically saved to your account, and may be accessed from the Archived Items section of your device. However, a sample book is not saved to your Archived Items. If you delete the incorrect sample in error, you may simply download the sample again from The Kindle Store.