How to Keep iTunes From Opening Automatically in Windows 7

If you're tired of iTunes popping up whenever you plug in an iOS device or start up your PC, you can take steps to prevent it from opening automatically. The solution you should use depends on when the program opens. If this happens when you connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer, change settings in iTunes; if iTunes opens up whenever you boot your PC, you need to change your Startup settings.

Change ITunes Settings

If iTunes opens whenever you plug in an iOS device, your automatic sync settings are enabled and you need to disable them. Connect your device to your PC and wait for iTunes to open. Click on the device's icon to open its information page. In the Options area, uncheck the box next to "Automatically sync when this iPhone/iPad/iPod is connected" and select "Apply." If you have more than one iOS device, follow the same steps for all of them.

Change Startup Settings

If iTunes loads every time you start your PC, it's enabled in the Startup menu. If you disable this setting, it should stop loading automatically. Click the "Start" button -- the Microsoft logo -- on your taskbar, and go to "Startup" in All Programs. Click the folder to see a list of programs -- if you see a shortcut to iTunes, right-click to delete it. If you don't see the shortcut or this doesn't solve the problem, go back to the Start menu and type "msconfig" in the search box to open your System Configuration menu. If iTunes is ticked in the Startup tab, unselect it and click "Apply" and "OK." Restart your computer to apply the change.

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