How to Know if a Skype Contact Has Blocked You

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You can check if a Skype contact has blocked you.
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Skype allows for phone and video based calls via an internet connection. The platform is designed to create connections through specific accounts, especially when using the video chat or messaged based functions. Making outbound calls to direct numbers does not require an account to account connection. Determining if a contact has blocked you requires a few basic observations and ultimately is easy to determine.


How to Block Someone

Blocking someone on Skype is a simple process with multiple options. You can simply block the user to stop all contact or block and report a behavior issue. If someone behaves inappropriately or abusively, you can report the user. This is common with scammers and other users who you no longer wish to connect with through the Skype platform.

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To block a user, locate their profile from the "Chats" or "Contact" list. Click on View Profile to access their information. Scroll to the bottom of the profile and Block Contact to access a new set of specific options. At this point, you can simply choose the Block option or the Report Abuse option.


Choose the specific reason for reporting the abuse from the drop down options then hit the Block selection to finalize the report while also blocking the user. Only report another user for real and specific reasons because it can lead to their account being suspended or shut down permanently.

Blocked on Skype

A contact can block you and there won't be an alert or notification to inform you of their action. The blocking process is meant to be quiet and a means of controlling your contacts without creating conflict. It can, however, become frustrating when a contact blocks you and there is no way of knowing if they are receiving your messages or outreach.


To determine if you are blocked, login to your account and scroll to the specific contact on your contact list. The contact does not always disappear from your list and will often display almost normally. Look closely and scan for a question mark attached to the profile. This indicates a disconnect between the two accounts and most likely means you have been blocked.

If you're still unsure, try sending a message to the contact. If you are blocked, the message will either bounce back and refuse to send or it will become stuck in a pending state without ever actually sending. The inability to make any contact with an account that was once easy to reach means you are most likely blocked by the user (but it's also possible that they deleted the account). In some situations, the account will also be removed from your contact list.


Unblock a Contact

Blocking a contact is not a permanent action and unblocking one or more contacts only requires a minute to complete. Select your profile picture and click on the Settings option to generate a list of different controls. Choose Contacts then click on Blocked Contacts to retrieve a list of all blocked accounts.

Locate the contact or contacts you want to unblock and click the Unblock option. The contact will now return to normal and will have the ability to message and call. Send the contact a message to test everything and ensure communications can resume as normal.