How to Know if There Is Spyware on Your Cell Phone

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If you notice your phone responding slowly, or you are receiving strange phone calls or text messages, there may be spyware on your phone. Check the app menu on your phone or plug it in to your computer to see if any unwanted apps are present. However, some malicious apps are hidden and antivirus software may be necessary. Many antivirus companies offer a mobile version of their software.


Look for Signs of Spyware

Lack of Battery Life

If you notice your battery is dying faster than usual, there could be an app installed on your phone that is operating in the background.


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Noticing Strange Behavior

Pay attention to the behavior of your phone when you are not using it. Someone using spyware can take control of your phone and control its behavior -- causing strange noises, making the screen to flash on and off or even rebooting your phone. Alternatively, a slow phone or delayed shutdown while in use can be indicative of a spyware app.


Hearing Unusual Noises

Hearing odd noises on your phone can be an indicator that your calls are being recorded.

Receiving Weird Text Messages

Being sent text messages with random symbols and numbers can be sent by spyware apps.


Using High Amounts of Data

If you notice high data usage and are not using any more data than usual, spyware apps may be present. Spyware apps run in the background and use a lot of data.

Feeling Your Phone Heating Up

When you are not using your phone, it should not heat up. If you notice this, there could be a spyware app running in the background.



Pick an Antivirus Software

Antivirus for Android

Android has more choices for antivirus software than iPhone. AVG Antivirus for mobile is free software that scans and protects your phone from known viruses. Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus is also free software that scans and protects your Android phone. Alternatively, you can use Norton Security and Antivirus.


Antivirus for iPhone

IPhone doesn't have many choices for antivirus software. McAfee Mobile Security for iOS is a security app that scans and protects your phone from known viruses. Alternatively, Avira Antivirus for iOS is an option for antivirus security on the iPhone.



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