How to Learn Navision

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Microsoft Navision is a business and financial operations management software application for small- to medium-sized businesses. Microsoft Navision is used to integrate information from accounting, sales, inventory, customer relationship management and other business systems into a single system to improve overall business productivity and efficiency. Additionally, Microsoft Navision is intended to be interoperable with other Microsoft software applications, such as Microsoft Office. Microsoft provides interactive multimedia presentations and tutorials on the Microsoft website to help you learn Navision.


Step 1

View and listen to an introductory Navision multimedia presentation on the Microsoft website. The presentation provides an overview of the ways in which Navision can benefit small- to medium-sized businesses by providing case study examples.

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Step 2

View and listen to a detailed examination of the financial information consolidation and reporting features in Navision in a multimedia product demo on the Microsoft site. Topics covered in the demo include consolidating, exporting and reporting on financial data using Microsoft Navision.


Step 3

Watch an interactive tutorial on methods of integrating Microsoft Navision into corporate portals to enable broad access to the information Navision provides. The tutorial includes specific information on integrating Microsoft Navision with Microsoft SharePoint.


Step 4

Download and read a Navision product brochure in PDF format from the Microsoft website. The brochure provides information on the ways in which Microsoft Navision can connect business functions, such as financial management, manufacturing and distribution, service management and e-business functions.



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