How to Leave Comments on YouTube

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Speak your mind and engage other YouTube users
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YouTube makes it easy for users to share their thoughts and engage other users. YouTube users can comment on videos, reply to other users' comments, and leave video responses -- a type of response that allows YouTube users to share videos in a comment. They can even like and dislike comments and share links to third-party web sites.


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Create a YouTube Account

Before you can share your thoughts on YouTube, you need to create a Google account. Open your Web browser, navigate to the Google Accounts website, and then click Create an account. Complete the sign up form and then click Next step. If you chose to verify by email, click the Verify now button, log in to your email account, and then click Agree. If you chose to verify by phone, enter your phone number, chose one of the two verification options -- text message or voice call -- and then click Continue. Enter the code sent to your phone, and then click Continue again.


Sign in to YouTube

To sign in to your YouTube account, navigate to YouTube and click the Sign in button. If you have more than one Google account, select the Google account that you want to log in to. If your account isn't listed or you're signing in for the first time, click Add account. Enter your login information and click Sign in.


Leave a Comment

YouTube users can comment on videos and and reply to other users' comments. To leave a comment, navigate to the YouTube page containing the video that you want to comment on. In the "All Comments" section, type your comment in the text field beside your user icon and then click the Post button.


To reply to a comment, find the comment you want to respond to and click Reply. Type your response in the text box and then click the Reply button. If you want to express your like or dislike of a comment instead, click the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icons.

Leave a Video Response

When words aren't enough, you can add a video response to your comment. Navigate to the YouTube page containing the video you want to share, and then copy the URL from your Web browser's URL bar. Navigate to the YouTube page containing the video you want to leave your video response on. Paste the video URL in the comment box beside your user icon, and then click the Post button. You can also share links to third party web pages.


Warning! Use caution when sharing links. URLs that link to third-party websites may be flagged as spam, and this can result in your YouTube account being terminated.

Tips and Warnings

  • To delete your comment, hover the cursor over your comment, click the **arrow** icon, and select **Remove.** To edit your comment, select **Edit.**

  • When you leave a comment, you can click the **Public** button to choose who can see your comment. You can also share your comment on your Google+ profile by ticking the box beside "Also share on Google+."