How to Make a 4-Way Call on Verizon Wireless

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Multi-person calling is as simple as hitting your phone's SEND or TALK button a few times.

Using your Verizon Wireless phone to carry on a 4-person conversation is possible when two users have 3-way calling capabilities on their cell phones or landlines. Your 3-way calling feature is typically activated when you signed up for your account, however, if you want to verify you have this feature available call Verizon Wireless customer support. As the first user, you will start a 3-way call from your Verizon phone, then ask another in your party to place a 3-way call to the fourth person. You can make a 4-way call in less than a minute.


Step 1

Call the first person in your party.

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Step 2

Press the SEND or TALK button on your Verizon Wireless cell phone. This automatically places the first person on hold.

Step 3

Dial the phone number for the second person, then press the SEND or TALK button. When you hit the button the first and second person connect to the conference.



Step 4

Ask the first or second person to place a 3-way call to the fourth individual, then connect to the main conference. If your specific phone model allows it, place a call to the fourth person yourself. For example, many Sony Ericsson mobile phones allow four to six way conference calls.


Verizon Wireless allows free mobile-to-mobile calling to Verizon phone numbers. It is best if all people in the conversation have a Verizon mobile handset to avoid incurring minutes against your plan.