How to Make a Doc File

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Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used text-editing computer programs available. It features versatile options and helpful tools that help accomplish an array of tasks and projects. Word documents are commonly referred to as Doc files, in reference to their file extension (.doc). Making a Doc file can be done very simply for both PC (Personal Computer) and Macintosh users. The program is known for its user-friendly interface and convenient compatibility.


Step 1

Check first if you have the Microsoft Word application installed. The program is available for both PC and Macintosh formats, individually or as part of the Microsoft Office package.

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Step 2

Open the program. Simply click the Start button on your PC desktop and select Microsoft Word in the Programs list. For Mac users, launch the Finder and search for Microsoft Word in Applications.


Step 3

Click the File tab at the top-left corner of the Word screen. Select the option most closely related to New File, or New Document. The exact title of this option will differ with each version of the program.


Step 4

Edit the document freely according to the objective of the assignment. When you are finished, simply revisit the File tab and choose Save As.


Step 5

Select a location on your hard drive for your file. Then, under File Format, indicate that you want the file saved as a Word Document, or .doc file extension. You will then have successfully made a Doc file.




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