How to Make a Frequency Jammer

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Signals from mobile phone towers allow callers to phone different places.

Mobile devices operate via radio frequencies that go from one mobile phone to another through a network of cell phone signal towers. Though you have the capability to make a frequency jammer to disrupt cell phone signals, this process does not comply with the rules and regulations of the United States, so proceed at your own risk.


Step 1

Find two boxes that consist of cardboard material. Note that you need to have one big box and one little box.

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Step 2

Put aluminum foil in the bigger box.

Step 3

Connect a wire to your foil that has a clip of the alligator variety on the opposite end.

Step 4

Place this clip into an electric socket, then add sheets of plastic in your box to stop any breakage. However, allow a single end to remain without a seal.


Step 5

Insert your mobile phone in the little box and then put the little box in the bigger box. This allows the aluminum foil to absorb the signal that comes from the phone and send it to the ground through the alligator clip and wire.

Things You'll Need

  • Two cardboard boxes

  • Aluminum foil

  • Grounding wire

  • Alligator clip

  • Plastic wrap