How to Make a Gateway Computer Screen Brighter

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Make a Gateway Computer Screen Brighter

Most computer monitors and laptops are shipped with the screens preset to the optimal brightness, contrast and gamma settings, and Gateway monitors and notebooks are no exception. But if you'd like to adjust your screen to make it brighter, it only takes a few seconds to do so. The method varies between adjusting desktop monitors and Gateway laptop screens, though, so choose the appropriate method for your computer from the sections below.


Step 1

Examine the monitor closely to determine if it has a brightness wheel. On Gateway monitors, if there is a brightness wheel, it is located along the bottom edge of the front of the monitor. Sometimes it is located under a removable or hinged plastic panel. You may see multiple wheels; if so, the brightness wheel is indicated with a small graphic of a sun. If you see no wheels, you'll have to adjust it through a menu of options.


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Step 2

Turn the brightness wheel to the right to increase the brightness if you were able to locate the brightness wheel. If you do not see a brightness wheel, proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Locate the menu button. This can be found along the bottom of the front of the screen, where you looked for the brightness wheel. Press the menu button to bring a range of options onto the screen. These options will appear on top of whatever else is on the screen at the time, and it will not affect any of your running applications.


Step 4

Look for arrow buttons and an action button near the menu button. These are the buttons you will use to move your cursor around on the menu screen and make your menu selections.

Step 5

Use the arrow buttons to move your cursor over the sun icon, then press the action button.


Step 6

Use the right arrow button to increase the brightness to the desired level, then press the menu button until the menu disappears.

Step 7

Open the "Control Panel."


Step 8

Open the "Display Panel" on the Control Panel menu.


Step 9

Click the "Settings" tab, then click the "Advanced" button.

Step 10

Click the "Color" tab. You will see adjustment scales for brightness, contrast and gamma. Moving any or all of these to the right will make the screen appear brighter.

Step 11

Adjust the settings to your desired levels and then click the "Apply" button.

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