How to Fix the Mouse Pad Clicker on a Gateway Laptop

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Fixing the mouse pad clicker on a Gateway laptop is not an overly complex process. While there are multiple steps that may be necessary to take in order to correct the mouse pad problem, and you may need your computer serial number on hand, once these steps are exhausted your Gateway mouse pad clicker should be responsive and working again.


Step 1

Look over the mouse pad clicker on your Gateway laptop. Is there any grime and dirt that has built up around the buttons? Is there any dirt lying on top of the buttons at all, or on top of the mouse track pad specifically? Dirt over the mouse pad tracking area will make it less responsive and more difficult for you to move the mouse about the screen, and grime that has built up around the edges and crevices of the buttons can over time cause the buttons to become unresponsive and sluggish when pressed down. Use a cloth to clean the clickers and pad.


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Step 2

See if the mouse pad has been accidentally turned off. This can be done via the "Function" button on your Gateway laptop. To enable your mouse clicker again on your Gateway, head on over to the "Control Menu" in Windows and double-click on the "Control Panel" icon.


Step 3

Click on the "Mouse" option under the "Printers and Other Hardware" tab. In the next menu that pops up, click on the tab listed as "Device Settings." From this menu, you should be able to locate a listing for the mouse pad on your Gateway laptop. Click on this listing. From here, you should be able to enable the mouse again. Click "OK."



Step 4

Head over to the official Gateway site online (see Resources). The above enabling of the mouse device under "Device Settings" may not have worked. Make your way to the "Software and Drivers" area of the site.

Step 5

Check over your Gateway manual and find your specific serial number for your machine. Enter the number into the Gateway site when prompted and check to see if any driver updates exist for your mouse on your machine. If so, click to download the update, and then double-click the file on your computer to install it. Restart your Gateway laptop to have the changes take place. Your mouse should now work.




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