How to Make a Heart Symbol With My Keyboard

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How to Make a Heart Symbol With My Keyboard
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Emojis have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in text messages and social media comments. You can always add an emoji with a couple of clicks, but if you use certain symbols frequently, it can be faster to memorize a few keyboard shortcuts to get there faster. If you're on Microsoft Windows, you can insert a heart emoji using your numeric keypad with Alt + 3, but with Mac, you need to choose Control + Command +Space Bar to open Character Viewer and type heart in the search box.


Heart Symbol on Keyboard

In the early days of the internet, <3 became the symbol for a heart, just as :-) was the symbol for a smiley face. As technology evolved, some applications automatically converted <3 to a heart symbol, including Facebook. However, with the emergence of more emoji, most applications have shifted to allow you to choose symbols from a pop-up box.


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In many cases, you can access the heart symbol using your keyboard. However, the specific key combination depends on the operating system of the device you're using. In many cases, you can conduct a heart copy and paste to insert a heart symbol you like that you found online.

Heart Symbol With Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows uses the Character Map to insert symbols into programs, including Microsoft Word and email documents. It comes installed on your computer, but you can download it if you don't have it. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Under the Windows Setup tab, select Details under System Tools and check the Character Map check box.


You can get to the Character Map various ways in Windows, but one of the easiest is using your keyboard. Select the Windows key and R, and then type charmap into the box and press enter. Find the heart symbol and insert it into your document. From there, you can do a copy and paste to use the heart elsewhere in your document.


Heart Symbol on Mac

If you have a Mac computer, you can generate a heart emoji using the Character Viewer. You get there via the keyboard, too. Select Control + Command + Space Bar and then type in heart to pull up all the heart emoji options. You'll find plenty to choose from, allowing you to pick the one that fits your personality.


You can use the Character Viewer in word processing programs like Word and Pages, as well as in messages and your mail app. If you're typing a text message, it's a quick way to pop an emoji into what you're sending.

Heart Symbol Using Numeric Pad

Windows users with a keyboard with a numeric pad can use a key combination to insert a heart symbol. To activate the heart emoji, input one of the following combinations using the numeric pad:


  • Alt + 3 for a black heart
  • Alt + 10084 for a red heart
  • Alt + 128148 for a broken heart
  • Alt + 128149 for two hearts
  • Alt + 128153 for a blue heart
  • Alt + 128154 for a green heart
  • Alt + 128155 for a yellow heart
  • Alt + 128156 for a purple heart

Find Heart Symbols Online

The heart symbol keyboard option isn't the only one. You can also find the symbol you like online and copy and paste it. This feature also works if you've inserted a heart into your document and you want to use it multiple times. Highlight the emoji you want to copy, choose Control + C, then paste it in the desired position by using Control + V.


Plenty of resources are available on the internet to find a heart emoji to copy. Sites such as and have all the emojis you'd find on your phone plus some. Select the one you like, click Copy, and paste it to your document.