How to Make a Heart Symbol With My Keyboard

By Nick Peers

Discover how you can make heart symbols in Windows by using Alt codes, the Character Map utility or the Symbol utility in Office products.

Microsoft Windows contains hundreds of different characters that don't appear on the keyboard. Characters such as hearts are supported by software like Outlook and Yahoo Messenger, as well as online platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, you can type a heart using your keyboard anywhere.

Using Alt Codes

Alt codes are used to type characters that are not associated with any keys on your keyboard. To make the heart symbol, Num Lock must be turned on and you must use the numeric keypad.

Step 1

Place the insertion cursor inside any element that accepts text input -- Word documents, Outlook emails, Facebook posts and comments, and Yahoo Messenger chat boxes are just some examples.

Step 2

Hold Alt and press 3 on the numeric keypad. Release the Alt key to insert the heart symbol.


  • To insert several hearts, press the Alt and 3 keys several times. Do not hold Alt and press 3 several times; you will most likely return a different character. For example, Alt+3333 may yield a spade.
  • If the Alt code doesn't work, make sure Num Lock is on by looking at the keyboard -- the first LED above the keypad must be green.
  • You can't use the number keys on the top row of the keyboard to type Alt codes.

Using the Character Map

The Character Map utility helps you insert hundreds of symbols in Windows and also helps you to search through them.

Step 1

Press Windows-S to display the Search charm in Windows 8, type Character Map and click the Character Map app to launch it. In Windows 7, expand the Start menu, type Character Map and click Character Map in the list of results.

Step 2

Check the Advanced View box to view the advanced settings, type heart into the Search For box and click Search or press Enter.

Step 3

Select the heart symbol from the list of search results and click the Select button to add it to the Characters To Copy field. Click Select several times to add more hearts. Click Copy to copy all symbols in the Characters To Copy field to the clipboard.

Press Ctrl-V anywhere to paste the characters from the clipboard.

Using Other Methods

Inserting a heart symbol in Microsoft Word.

In Microsoft Word or Outlook, you can insert the heart symbol using the Symbol utility. Switch to the Insert tab, click Symbol in the Symbols group and select More Symbols. Select Arial from the Font box and Miscellaneous Symbols from the Subset box. Select the heart symbol and click Insert to insert it.

You can also copy a heart symbol from the Web -- a search after heart symbol returns plenty of results -- by selecting it and pressing Ctrl-C. Paste the symbol anywhere by pressing Ctrl-V.