How to Make Thumbs and Other Symbols in a Facebook Comment

By David Weedmark

Express your displeasure with a thumbs down on your Facebook comments, posts and messages, or use any of a thousand different symbols on your next post.

If you're looking to spice things up in Facebook, try adding an interesting symbol to your comments, posts or messages. There are a variety of ways to add these symbols, usually called emojis or emoticons, and there are well over a thousand to choose from.

Using Unicode Emojis

Unicode emojis are simple icons that appear as text in a message, post or comment. There are many websites that offer full selections of Unicode Emojis, including, which has over 1,200 emojis to choose from. Simply locate the emoji you want, such a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down symbol, then copy and paste it into Facebook by pressing Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.

Here is a very modest sample of some of the emojis to get you started:

  • thumb up