How to Make a Letterhead in OpenOffice

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Create your own letterhead in OpenOffice.

Seen as a free alternative to commercial software such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice includes productivity software such as a word processor, spreadsheet creator and presentation designer. You can perform many of the same functions with OpenOffice that you could with Word, with the additional benefits of open-source software. With minimal effort, you can design customized letterhead in OpenOffice.


Step 1

Click "File," then hover over "AutoPilot" (in some versions, "Wizards") and click "Letter" in the menu that appears.

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Step 2

Select the desired type of letterhead and the letterhead's features from the list. Press "Next" to move to the additional pages of options.


Step 3

Enter the letterhead's text and choose the logo option (if desired) in the editing window.

Step 4

Enter the sender's information.

Step 5

Click the options for any additional details you want, such as date, subject, continuing pages or additional person to send. Click "Create" (in some versions, "Finish") to make your letterhead.