How to Make a Photo Album On Your Computer

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A photo album folder is a great way to organize your pictures.

If you have a digital camera, you probably store lots of pictures on your computer. Did you know that you could store these pictures in photo albums? These simple steps will show you how.


Step 1

Click "Start" and then click "My Pictures."

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Step 2

In the task pane, under "File and Folder Tasks," click "Make a New Folder."

Step 3

Type a name for your new folder and then press "Enter."


Step 4

Right click your new folder and click "Properties."


Step 5

Click the "Customize" tab. In the drop down menu under "Use This Folder Type as a Template" select "Photo Album."

Step 6

Click "Apply" and "OK."


You can save new photos in the "Photo Album" folder as you upload them to your computer, or you can move existing photos to the folder. You can make several photo albums, sorting the pictures by your choice of theme.



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