How to Make a Tycoon Game in ROBLOX

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ROBLOX is an online design playground that lets players create interactive places and games for free. ROBLOX offers a user interface that features native building units, like bricks, a scripting language called Lua and a host of user-generated models that designers can draw on to create their worlds. A ROBLOX Tycoon game challenges players to build up a store or other environment, similar to Sim City. A Tycoon game would be difficult to program from scratch, but, like much programming, by building on the other work of others you can finish a Tycoon game in less than one hour.


Step 1

Open the ROBLOX Studio.

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Step 2

Select the "Insert Tab" and click on "Tools" to open the tools panel.

Step 3

Click on the Categories list and scroll through the categories until you see the Faceplates. Click on a thumbnail of a faceplate you like. The faceplate should appear in the world viewer. A faceplate is the most-basic terrain in ROBLOX and starts nearly all games.


Step 4

Click the categories list again and look for "Tycoon Start Kits." Select a thumbnail of a Tycoon Start Kit in the tools panel. The kit should now appear in the world viewer on top of the faceplate.

Step 5

Click on the categories in the tool panel again. Choose any category that has something you want the factory of the tycoon to make. A tycoon game involves players doing something to earn money to buy things made in a factory. The factory could make bricks, for example. Click on a brick thumbnail under the brick category. Click on the brick in the world viewer and rename it in the properties panel something simple, like "brick."


Step 6

Click the "Insert" tab again and choose "Explorer." This opens the Explorer panel. Double-click the "Workspace" folder to see all of the objects in the Workspace, in this case, your tycoon starter kit. Right-click on a button object in the tycoon starter kit and select "Copy." This action copies the original tycoon button, which, when pressed, lets players pay some amount to buy something. Press "CTRL" and "V" to paste the copied tycoon button into the workspace.



Step 7

Drag your named object into the tycoon starter kit folder in the explorer. This lets the factory of the tycoon produce your named object, in this example, the brick.

Step 8

Rename your copied tycoon button something that expresses the action of the button, like "Buy 1 brick for 100 points."


Step 9

Double-click on the "Script" tag in the copied tycoon button folder. This opens the scripts that govern the function of the button.

Step 10

Change the top line of code, which should define the model that the button produces when pressed. In this example, you want that model to be the brick. Delete the "Upgrader" word at the end of the code and replace it with the name of your object, "brick." The next line of code should say "UpgradeCost." Change the default number to however much you want the object to cost. In this example, change it to "100." If you want it to be free, type "0."


Step 11

Drag the button into the tycoon starter kit folder in the explorer panel.

Step 12

Repeat the previous steps to make different buttons that give players other items to complete your Tycoon game!

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