How to Rotate Bricks in Digital Designer

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Build LEGO models on the computer, as well as with the physical construction toy.

LEGO has developed and sold plastic bricks for decades, but the company also provides a computer-modeling program, LEGO Digital Designer, to build virtual LEGO models on the computer. The application provides hundreds of blocks and scores of colors to create almost any LEGO model. Although LEGO Digital Designer creates countless of different models, the interface is somewhat difficult and is not intuitive. For example, rotating bricks in LEGO Digital Designer requires the keyboard and cannot be accomplished using mouse buttons.


Step 1

Open LEGO Digital Designer. Select your LEGO model in the opening window or select "Free Build."

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Step 2

Select a LEGO brick in the "Bricks" panel. Move the mouse to the building window. Do not click the mouse.


Step 3

Press the "Left" and "Right" arrows on the keyboard to rotate the brick clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively. Press the "Up" and "Down" arrows on the keyboard to rotate the brick on its side or upside-down.


Step 4

Click the mouse to place the brick on the building plate.



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