How to Make a Windows Boot Disk on a Mac

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You can make Windows boot disks with Disk Utility on a Mac.

All Mac computers running the OS X operating system come with the Disk Utility application automatically installed. Disk Utility allows you to manage your computer's hard drives and removable media, including CDs and DVDs. If you want to make a copy of a Windows boot disk, like an installation CD, you can use Disk Utility on a Mac to create an image of the disk and then burn it onto a blank CD.


Step 1

Launch the Disk Utility program on your Mac computer. Disk Utility is located in the "Utilities" folder within the "Applications" section of your Mac hard drive.

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Step 2

Insert the Windows CD that you want to use to create a boot disk.


Step 3

Highlight the Windows CD from the list of media on the left side of the Disk Utility window.

Step 4

Click on the "New Image" button in the top toolbar.

Step 5

Choose to save the new disk image on your desktop, select "DVD/CD master" as the image format and press "Save" to begin copying the contents of the CD to your hard drive. Disk Utility will create a .cdr image file that will act as a replica of the CD.


Step 6

Close Disk Utility when the image creation process is finished and go back to the Finder.


Step 7

Open the "File" menu and select "New Burn Folder."

Step 8

Double-click on the burn folder icon and then drag and drop the .cdr image file from the desktop into the burn folder.


Step 9

Press the "Burn" button and insert a blank CD-R into your disc drive. The computer will begin burning the image file onto the CD, and when the process finishes, the CD can be used as a bootable disk in Windows.

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