How to Restore a TIB File

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A TIB file is the format used for the True Image backup software produced by Acronis. More specifically, TIB is used when True Image makes a complete copy of the entire contents of a hard drive, rather than backing up individual files and applications one-by-one.

Step 1

Close all other applications. True Image cannot restore files while other applications are accessing your hard drive. Open True Image and select the "Restore Image Wizard" option.


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Step 2

Use the Wizard's file browser to locate your TIB file. Before you confirm the selection, you'll see details of the size of the file, the date and time it was made, and any notes you made at the time. Click "Next" to confirm the selection.

Step 3

If prompted, type in the password you chose when you made the backup, then click next.


Step 4

Select the partition or partitions you wish to restore from the backup. True Image will treat each partition of your hard drive as if it were a separate drive.

Step 5

Select the location where you want to restore the TIB file contents. Normally this is the same disk partition where you saved the TIB file. You can restore it to another partition, but it must be at least as big as the full, uncompressed version of the TIB file.



Step 6

Follow the on-screen instructions to make changes, such as to the partition size, drive letter and disk format, if needed. Only make these changes if you know you need to make them. Otherwise keep clicking "Next" to pass through these questions.

Step 7

Click "Proceed" when it appears, to start the restoration. You'll get an on-screen message when it is completed.



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