How to Make a Word Document Fit on One Page

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If you have ever written a short document that barely crept over one page in length, you probably tried to adjust all kinds of settings to make it fit on a single page. In Microsoft Word, this extra effort is unnecessary, thanks to a special "Shrink One Page" feature in the print preview. This feature offers a one-click solution to making your document fit on a single page.


Step 1

Click the top, left "Office" button, point to "Print" and select "Print Preview."

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Step 2

Click "Shrink One Page" in the Preview group. If the document is too long, the attempt may be unsuccessful, and you receive an error stating, "After several attempts, Word was unable to shrink the document by one page."


Step 3

Click the "Close Print Preview" button in the Preview group to exit print preview and retain your changes.


Step 4

Hold the "Ctrl" key, and press "S" to save the changes.



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