How to Make an Arrow on Facebook

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Communicating with friends and family on Facebook doesn't have to be done in plain text. Using a keyboard with a keypad you can create a number of emoticons to add a creative touch to your thoughts, as well as emphasize things you wish to say. One type of emoticon you can create on Facebook is an arrow that points up, down, to the left and to the right. If you don't have a keypad you will need to copy and paste emoticons from another website that offers them, such as


Step 1

Create an arrow with an end pointing up and down by holding "alt" while typing "23."

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Step 2

Hold "alt" and type "24" to create an up arrow.

Step 3

Create a down arrow using "alt" and the number "25."


Step 4

Create an arrow pointing right by holding down "alt" and typing the number "26."


Step 5

Create an arrow pointing left holding "alt" and typing the number "27."