How to Make an Online Registration Form

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Providing an online registration form on your website allows wider access to your event registration than the standard call-in RSVP or mail-in paper registration form. Online registration forms are flexible and can be changed for each event. The form allows you to code in many text box blanks to get the information that you need from people registering. When a user is finished filling out the form, he will press the submit button and a text email will be sent to a specified email address with the registration information.


Step 1

Copy the following HTML code:

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Online Registration




Address 1:


Address 2:




Zip Code:


Phone Number:



Step 2

Paste the registration form code into the HTML code of your website.


Step 3

Change "" to your email address. This is the email address where the registration form will be sent.

Step 4

Change "Online Registration" to the text you'd like to show above your registration form. This can be the name of your event.


Step 5

Edit existing text boxes in the sample. For example, if you don't need the "zip code" as a part of the registration form, delete the entire code for that entry:

Zip Code:


Step 6

Add the following code into the HTML above the "input" tags if you need to create a new text box blank:

Text Box Name:


Step 7

Configure the new text box blank. For example, if you want to add "cell phone number" to the form, change "Text Box Name" to "Cell Phone Number" and change the name="boxname" to name="cellphone".

Step 8

Save the changes to your code and upload your webpage to your website host to view your online registration form.

Things You'll Need

  • Website

  • Website host


Fill out your own form and submit it to send a test registration email. This allows you to see if everything is working correctly before users attempt to register.