How to Create a Digital Signature Field in Word for PDF

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Microsoft Word 2007 gives you the added option of adding digital signatures to a document. You can then convert the document into a PDF and share it with others. The digital signature field comes in handy with contracts and agreements that you need to send to people electronically for them to sign. They can sign them in the digital signatures field and send it back to you. This cut out the time that would be needed to send them these documents in regular mail and wait for them to be returned.


Step 1

Create a document in Microsoft Word 2007. If you already have a document created, open it by clicking "Office button > Open." Locate the document, select it and click "Open."

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Step 2

Place your pointer in the position on the document where you want the digital signature field. You can double-click anywhere in the document to place the cursor for inputting the field.


Step 3

Click "Insert" and then "Signature Line," which is under the "Text" group heading. A dialog box appears asking for the type of information the signer will have to leave to complete the digital signature, such as their email address and title. Add the wording for these additional fields if you want to add them. If not, just leave everything blank and click "OK." The digital signature field will be placed in the document.



Step 4

Convert the Word document into a PDF. Click "Office button > Save As." Choose "PDF" as the file type. Give the document a name by typing in the "File name" box and click "Save." The file is now saved as a PDF document with a digital signature field.




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