How to Add a Signature Field to a File in Acrobat

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Signature fields on PDFs reduce the ability to forge a signature.

Adobe Acrobat has two types of signatures available for documents. They are a certifying signature and an approval signature. A certifying signature verifies the content of the document, while an approval signature works just like a hand-written signature on contracts and other legal documents. The difference between a hand-written signature and a digital signature is that a digital signature is extremely difficult to forge. It encrypts the information in the signature which is unique to the signer and contains an encrypted key. Adding a signature field to a file in Acrobat can help reduce paper usage and provide added security.


Step 1

Open your document in Acrobat. If this is a new document you can start a new one by selecting "File," then "Create "PDF" and "From Blank Page."

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Step 2

Select "Forms" and "Add or Edit Fields" from the top menu bar to open the form editor.


Step 3

Select "No" when asked about detecting form fields and save your document to your computer.

Step 4

Click "Add New Field" in the top, right of the interface and select "Digital Signature" from the drop-down menu.


Step 5

Left-click within your document, hold the button and drag down and right to create your signature field. You will see a translucent, blue box that indicates the size of the field.


Step 6

Type a name for your signature field into the pop-up dialog box and close the dialog box. A signature field has now been added to your document.

Step 7

Save your document and close it or continue working on it.



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