How to Make Google Screen Full Size

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View Google in full screen mode.

Google is the name of a search engine. If you use Google to browse the Internet and want Google to fill the screen of your monitor, you can do so by pressing a single key on your keyboard. The keys located over the number keys are called "function keys." Each function key is assigned a particular command, and one of these function keys can make the Google window--or any other Internet window--show up in full screen mode.


Step 1

Point your Internet browser to You will notice your browser menu, address bar and navigation bar at the top of the screen.

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Step 2

Look to the function keys on your keyboard. The function keys start with an "F" and are followed by numbers. For example, keys F1 through F12 should show up on your keyboard.


Step 3

Press the F11 key. The Google screen will go to full size and take up your entire monitor. Only the Google window will show up, while the menu, address bar and navigation bar will disappear.



Simply press F11 again when you want to exit full screen mode.