How to Make Supply & Demand Graphs in Word

By Emily Ediger

Create a supply and demand graph in Microsoft Word with its built-in chart tools. Word allows you to create, customize and distribute a variety of graphs. Create a supply and demand graph with the line chart tool in Word to display price and quantity data. Displaying supply and demand information in a graph allows you to make the most of Microsoft Word's capabilities. Choose the color scheme of your data points, lines and fonts and customize the size, layout and text to create an easy-to-read chart. Take your presentations, emails and documents to the next level with visually-appealing charts.

Step 1

Open a new Microsoft Word document by clicking the "File" tab of the Ribbon, selecting the "New" button and double-clicking the "Blank Document" button. Click the "Insert" tab of the Ribbon and select the "Chart" button. Choose "Line" and select the desired line graph from the set of options.

Step 2

Organize the datasheet to represent your supply and demand data. Input the set of quantities as the "Categories" in column A, with each quantity in its own row. For example, replace "Category 1" with "20," "Category 2" with "40" and "Category 3" with "60" to display a quantity range of 20 to 60.

Step 3

Label the "Series 1" and "Series 2" columns as "Supply" and "Demand" by changing the text within the cells. Enter the Supply and Demand data for each corresponding price in the rows below the column header. Remove the "Series 3" column by right-clicking the column header and selecting "Delete."

Step 4

Add additional rows by typing a new category into column A and corresponding data points in the "Supply" and "Demand" columns. Change the chart data range by clicking the corner of the blue parameter box and dragging it to encompass the new data range. Switch to the Word window to customize your chart.

Tips & Warnings

  • Customize the color scheme, shape styles and titles from the Chart Tools tabs of the Ribbon. Add a chart title and axis titles from the Layout tab, create WordArt from the Format tab and change the style of your lines from the Design tab.