How to Precisely Size a Chart on Microsoft Word

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Word offers simple controls for precisely sizing a chart.

Word simplifies the chart-creation process. Even if you have not entered data into a table yet, you can still create a chart; Word will simply bring up a table in Excel that you can fill in. You can customize every aspect of your chart, from type of display to colors and lines. You can also resize the chart just by clicking and dragging it. However, if you need your chart to fit exactly the width of the paper, for example, you will want to size it more precisely.


Step 1

Open the Word document that has a chart you want to size. If you have not created a chart yet, create the chart first; do not worry about its size yet.

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Step 2

Select the chart by clicking inside it, preferably close to the border. Make sure the silver frame around the chart is showing and the elements inside the chart are not selected.


Step 3

Click the "Format" tab on the ribbon under "Chart Tools."

Step 4

Click the "Size" button. Click the arrow keys up or down to select the precise height and width in inches, or type the exact size in the "Height" and "Width" boxes.


Using the arrow keys will change the size in increments of one-tenth of an inch. However, if you want even more precision, you can type a number with more than one decimal point, such as 3.85 or 4.108.