How to Make Toshiba DVD Player Region Free

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A Toshiba DVD player, like all stand-alone DVD players, is configured in the factory to play only DVDs containing the same country or "region" code. To enable the Toshiba to play a DVD that is designated for another region, make a few adjustments to a hidden menu. The procedure is straightforward and does not negatively affect the DVD player in any way. Nor does it void any warranty that might be in place.


Step 1

Press the power button on the Toshiba DVD player remote. Press the "Open/Close" button to eject the disc tray. Remove any disc that might be on the tray before proceeding.

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Step 2

Press the following keys on the remote in this order: 2,4,0,3,9,6,0.


Step 3

Press the "9" key on the remote.


Step 4

Press the "Open/Close" button to close the disc tray. Press the power button to turn the Toshiba DVD player on.


There are DVD players, including some manufactured by Toshiba, that are already configured to play DVDs from different regions.



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