How to Make Toshiba DVD Player Region Free

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A Toshiba DVD player, like all stand-alone DVD players, is configured in the factory to play only DVDs containing the same country or "region" code. To enable the Toshiba to play a DVD that is designated for another region, make a few adjustments to a hidden menu. The procedure is straightforward and does not negatively affect the DVD player in any way. Nor does it void any warranty that might be in place.


Step 1

Press the power button on the Toshiba DVD player remote. Press the "Open/Close" button to eject the disc tray. Remove any disc that might be on the tray before proceeding.

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Step 2

Press the following keys on the remote in this order: 2,4,0,3,9,6,0.


Step 3

Press the "9" key on the remote.


Step 4

Press the "Open/Close" button to close the disc tray. Press the power button to turn the Toshiba DVD player on.



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