How to Make VLC the Default Media Player

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The VideoLan VLC player is a free media player that can play most video and audio formats. Supported media formats for a VLC player include DVD, XVID, DIVX, MP3, MDI, Real and Windows Media. After you download and install the VLC player, you can make it the default media player for your computer. Double-clicking on any media file will then automatically open and play that file with the VLC player.


Step 1

Double click on the VLC icon on your computer's desktop. If you do not have a VLC icon on your desktop, go to "Start," select "Search," then type "VLC" in the search bar. Double-click on the VLC player to open the program.

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Step 2

Click "Tools" from the toolbar menu of the VLC window. Select "Preferences" and click on the "Interface" option.


Step 3

Click the "Association Setup" button. A dialog box will open that displays possible audio and video files. Click the box to the left of "Audio Files," then click the box to the right of "Video Files" to make the VLC player the default media player for all media types. If you do not want to make the VLC player the default media player for all media types, you can also select individual file types. Click the boxes to the left of the individual media file types that you wish to associate with the VLC player.

Step 4

Click "Apply." The VLC player is now the default media player.