How to Convert MP3 to PCM

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Pulse Code Manipulation (PCM) is the bit stream that is encoded into WAV files. WAV format is popular with many Windows applications. Because WAV files are uncompressed in comparison to MP3s, the file size is much larger. Despite the larger file size, the quality is enhanced because there is no loss due to compression. WAV is also easy to use and is a familiar format with both programmers and radio DJs. Converting MP3s to PCM or WAV format is 1 way to improve the sound of your media if file size is not an issue.


Step 1

Go to the Download 3000 website (see link in Resources) and click "Server 1." Download the Visual MP3 to WAV Converter. Unzip the zip file and install the program. Click "Finish" upon completion of the installation, and restart your computer.

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Step 2

Open the program by clicking the desktop shortcut. Click the icon that says "Add Files" on the top tool bar. Browse for your MP3 file and click "Open."


Step 3

Click the down arrow icon next to "WAV Format," and select "Microsoft PCM." Click the down arrow icon next to "WAV Quality" and select "CD Quality PCM."


Step 4

Click the down arrow next to "Output Folder" and select where you want your file to be saved. Click "Convert" on the top tool bar and select "Register Later." In this trial version, you are given 10 free conversions.




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