How to Mod on IMVU

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Being a moderator in the online game IMVU means you have permissions to monitor and remove other users who are not allowed into public rooms. Certain rules are set forth by different room owners regarding conduct of other users. Once a room owner trusts you, she can make you a moderator of any room she owns. You cannot make yourself a moderator of other owner's rooms but will automatically have the ability to monitor and remove others in your own rooms.


Step 1

Speak with the owner of the room you wish to moderate. Room owners are more apt to agree to your moderation if you are friends and they have gotten to know you. Avoid going into public rooms of unknown users and asking to moderate.

Step 2

Provide the owner with your user name by typing an IMVU message or in the chat box in the room, also known as your avatar name. To send a message, simply click on the owner's avatar name and choose "Send message." Type your name, and then click "Send." You do not have to provide the "Guest" prefix. The owner will then go to "Account" settings and choose "Manage Public Rooms." The owner selects the room to add you as a moderator and clicks "Edit Room." Your name is then entered into the "Room Moderators" box and saved.


Step 3

Monitor activity based on the room owner's rules. Rules can be found on the room description page by clicking the "i" icon beside the room name. Some room owners engage in role-play and may have rules that are abbreviations. For example, NFZ means "No Fight Zone," while NKZ means "No Kill Zone."

Step 4

Warn users who violate the rules when you see a breach. Most moderators will give two warnings and then request the user to leave. You can also request users lower their Kbs by removing excessive jewelry or other accessories such as pets and voiceboxes.


Step 5

Boot users who ignore warnings by clicking on the user's name. Choose "Safety" and then select "Boot" from the menu. This will remove the user from the room for a total of 20 minutes.