How to Mount BIN Files in Daemon Tools Lite

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Daemon Tools Lite is a program available for free download online that creates virtual drives on your computer. A virtual disk drive can be used to open virtual image files. This process can be helpful if you have a virtual disk image of a program or game saved to your hard drive. Some of these images may be saved as BIN files and can be mounted by using the Daemon Tools Lite icon in your taskbar.


Step 1

Click on the Daemon Tools Lite icon in your system taskbar.

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Step 2

Click on one of the drives that appears in the drop-down list. Drives are prefaced by the word "Device."

Step 3

Click on the box next to the words "File Type" in the window that appears. Click on "BIN (.bin)."



Step 4

Go to the location of the BIN file you want to mount on your hard drive. Click on the BIN file.

Step 5

Click "Open" to mount the BIN file in Daemon Tools Lite.

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