How to Network With Hiren's BootCD

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Hiren's BootCD is a computer tool used to run, diagnose and repair computer problems. You can access the CD directly from a Boot menu or run other options to connect to networks and access the Internet. When you connect to a network, you can access extras such as cloud drives, additional antivirus software and other things you may need to get your computer properly running again. The process allows you to connect to both wired and wireless Internet.


Step 1

Insert the Hiren BootCD and restart your computer.

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Step 2

Press "Enter" when the "Boot from CD" text appears on the screen. In a few moments the main Hiren's BootCD menu will load.


Step 3

Use the keyboard arrows to scroll down and select the "Mini Windows XP" option. This runs a temporary version of Windows directly from the CD. It will take five to 10 minutes for Windows XP to load, depending on how fast your computer is.

Step 4

Click on "Start" and select "My Network Places." Find the connection that you want to use. If your connections are not listed, select "Add New Network Connection."



Step 5

Follow the on-screen process for the "Network Connection" wizard. Once complete, you will automatically be connected to the Internet.

Step 6

Select "Tools" from the on-screen BootCD menu. Go down to "Browsers" and select the "Opera Web Browser." This will give you access to the internet.

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