How to Notify Friends of a Change in an Email Address

Changing email addresses creates the risk of losing some of your email contacts forever. Even if you diligently import your contacts from your old account to your new one, you can find your messages stuck in spam filter limbo if you fail to notify your friends of the change. In order to keep some lines of communication open, you'll need to be "whitelisted," or added to your friend's contacts, before you make the switch. This means you should notify friends of an address change using your older, trusted account.

Notify friends of an email change to avoid becoming an accidental outcast.

Step 1

Create a new email account before you lose the older one. Jot down your new email address.

Step 2

Open your soon-to-be-defunct email account. Send the notification from your older email to make sure your friends get the message.

Step 3

Create a new message. Add all of your friends as recipients of the email.

Step 4

Give the email a straightforward subject, such as "Change in Email Address" or "My New Email Address."

Step 5

Keep the message short. Include your new email address in the body of the email, ask your friends to update their contact information and give them a timetable for the switch. For example, write something along the lines of "My email address is changing to as of January 1st. Please update your contact information by that date to make sure we can keep in touch!"

Step 6

Send the email to your friends after you're done composing it.


You can send a address change notification from your new email address if your older account was closed without warning. In a pinch, you can also text your new email information to friends if they have a cellphone.