How to Open a Hyperlink

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Open a hyperlink in a new window or tab.

A hyperlink (link) is a reference to a document, image, video, website or any other outside resource a reader can click on to find more information. Hyperlinks are often embedded in emails, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, Word docs and more. In most applications, the reader has the option to open the hyperlink in a new window or tab. Opening the link in a new window or tab allows readers to stay on their current page and easily close out of any outside links when finished.


Step 1

Open the desired document or application with the hyperlink. Emails, Internet browsers, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets are capable of embedding hyperlinks.

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Step 2

Place the mouse cursor over the text of the hyperlink. Hyperlinks are often underlined, in a bold font and may be in a different color.

Step 3

Right-click the hyperlink. Click "Open Link in New Window" or "Open Link in New Tab" based on your preferences.


You can also simply click on the hyperlink to open the outside resource. By clicking directly on the link (opposed to right-clicking in the steps above), the new resource will often open in the same window, navigating you away from your current site.