How to Convert Thumbnails to Full Size Images

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On the Internet, you will frequently come across thumbnails that convert to full-sized images upon clicking. In this way, users who're more interested in reading text on the Web page aren't bothered by the large space that the full-sized images may consume. At the same time, anyone who wishes to take a closer look at the image can do so by clicking the thumbnail. Similar features aren't found on computer applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OpenOffice, and you have the option of incorporating either the thumbnail or the full-sized image into your document. In order to convert thumbnails to full-sized images in such computer applications, you can make use of hyperlinks.


Step 1

Drag the thumbnail to the document, spreadsheet or presentation on your computer.

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Step 2

Position the thumbnail where you want readers to find it. For instance, you might want to place the thumbnail at the end of second paragraph of your document. Use the mouse cursor to drag the thumbnail there. In the meantime, open another document in the same folder where the first document exists, and place the large image in the new document. Give the new document a name, such as "X."


Step 3

Resume working on the first document and add a caption to the thumbnail, if you want.

Step 4

Highlight the thumbnail by clicking on it.


Step 5

Click the hyperlink button from the editing tools given at the top of the document, spreadsheet or presentation. You will be presented with a variety of hyperlink options, such as linking to a Web page or another document.


Step 6

Select the option to hyperlink the image to the document named "X." Save both documents and close them. Now, whenever a reader clicks on the thumbnail in the first document, the large-sized image in the other document will automatically open.

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