How to Open a Port Using Norton Internet Security

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Symantec's Norton Internet Security computer application suite is a comprehensive computer protection program for use on personal computers on home and business networks. Norton Internet Security provides antivirus, antispyware, antiphishing, data privacy, and computer firewall services. Peer-to-peer file sharing software and some multimedia processing applications can be blocked by Norton Internet Security. If this occurs on your computer, you will need to open the respective ports these programs use in Norton Internet Security in order for them to work properly.


Step 1

Open the Norton Internet Security control panel by double-clicking the program icon in the computer's system tray or selecting it from the computer's desktop.

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Step 2

Choose the "Settings" menu option on the control panel and click "Configure" in the "Smart Firewall" menu tab.


Step 3

Select "Configure" under the "Advanced Settings" section of the menu followed by the "Add" menu button. Click "Allow" and "Next" in the "Add Rule Wizard."

Step 4

Choose "Connections to and from other computers" followed by the "Next" menu button. On the subsequent menu click "Only the computers and sites listed below" followed by the "Add" menu button.


Step 5

Click "Individually" followed by the URL or website name that the program on your computer is attempting to connect to and is being blocked followed by the "Ok" and "Next" menu buttons.

Step 6

Choose the "Only Communications that match all types and ports listed below" menu option followed by the "Add" button.


Step 7

Click "Individually specified ports" and enter the port numbers being blocked by Norton Internet Security. If you do not know what port is being blocked, it will be displayed by the firewall warning when the file sharing or multimedia program fails to run on your computer. One of the common ports requiring opening for Torrents sites is port 55944. After entering the port number, select the "Ok" and "Next" menu buttons.


Step 8

Enter a name for the new firewall rule followed by the "Next" and "Finish" menu buttons and exit Norton Internet Security to complete opening the desired port.



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