How to Open .Pages Files Without iWork

Pages, Numbers and Keynote form the iWork suite of applications, which runs exclusively on Apple computers and mobile devices. Pages files aren’t easily opened with other applications, but Apple placed the iWork apps on its iCloud Drive, where users on any platform can open, edit and create Pages files in their browsers.

Sign In to iCloud

Sign in to iCloud. You'll need an Apple ID, but if you don't already have one, you can create one by clicking the Create one now link at the bottom of the sign in screen.

Sign in to iCloud or create a new Apple ID.
Sign in to iCloud or create a new Apple ID
credit: Apple, Inc.

After you sign in, you'll see the iCloud desktop, which displays icons for the iCloud applications. Click the Pages icon.

The iCloud desktop shows your iCloud application icons.
The Pages icon is in the bottom row of icons
credit: Apple, Inc.

Upgrading to iCloud Drive

If you've never used iCloud before, you may be asked to upgrade your iCloud account to iCloud Drive, which includes 5GB of free storage space. When you select Pages on your iCloud page, a dialog box displays explaining that you need to upgrade your account to use Pages. From the dialog box you can get more information or proceed by selecting Upgrade to iCloud Drive.

The Upgrade to iCloud Drive dialog box.
The Upgrade to iCloud Drive dialog box
credit: Apple, Inc.

When you select Upgrade to iCloud Drive, a dialog box displays the progress of the upgrade. When the upgrade is complete, the Pages application opens.

Open a Pages Document

Open an existing Pages document or create a new Pages file using the Pages workspace.

The Pages workspace displays a toolbar on top.
The Pages workspace
credit: Apple, Inc.

Open an Existing Pages Document

To open an existing Pages document, you have two options.

  1. Drag a document from your desktop or file manager and drop it on the Pages workspace. This option may not be available on all platforms.
  2. Click the gear icon at the top of the Pages workspace, and select Upload Document in the menu that opens to open the browser's file open dialog. Browse to select your file and open it.
The Document Control menu toward the right side of the top toolbar, two icons to the right of the "+" icon.
The Document control menu
credit: Apple, Inc.

Create a New Pages Document

To create a new Pages document, click on the Create Document icon in the Pages workspace.

The Create document icon is on the left side of the Pages workspace
The Create Document icon
credit: Apple, Inc.

A new tab opens with a dialog box that prompts you to choose a template for your document.

The Choose a Template dialog box opens in the center of the Pages workspace
The Choose a Template dialog box
credit: Apple, Inc.

After you select the template, a new document opens.

Edit a Pages Document

Edit the document using the controls on the toolbar across the top of the Pages workspace and the text formatting controls on the right side of the workspace.

The Pages Editing tab displays your document in the center, with tools to edit the document on the top and tools to format the text on the right
The Pages Editing tab
credit: Apple, Inc.

Download, Email or Print the Document

After you finish editing the document, you can download a copy, send a copy to an email address or print it from the Pages editing tab.

All changes to the document are saved to iCloud as you type. The Pages file is available in your iCloud Drive for you to edit or download later.

To download, send or print a copy of the document, click on the wrench icon on the top right side of the Pages toolbar at the top of the workspace.

To access the menu to download, send or print a copy of your file, click the wrench icon toward the right side of the top toolbar
The Download, Send and Print menu
credit: Apple, Inc.

When you select Download a Copy or Send a Copy from the menu, Pages prompts you for the file format you prefer. Supported formats are Apple Pages, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and ePub. Select the format, and after a brief delay to format your file, either the file download begins automatically or a prompt opens to send the document by email. If you choose to send the file by email, a new browser tab opens for you to compose the email, and the email is sent from your iCloud email account

When you select Print from the menu, Pages creates a PDF file and the download for the PDF file begins after a few moments. Open and print the PDF file.