How to Operate a Microwave Oven

By LaTasha Favors

In today’s nonstop, fast-paced world, everyone seems to “want it now” and want it fast. The characteristics of such lifestyles have even spilled over into our way of eating. For some the days of long dinner preparations are lost forever. Someone who does not have a microwave today would be considered “ancient” and behind the times. Operating a microwave oven correctly can be quite convenient and beneficial when preparing food, drinks or snacks.

Step 1

Open microwave door (depending on the style you may have to pull handle or push a button to open). Do not set oven for excessive cook times.

Step 2

Place the item (plate, container, mug) containing the food or drink inside the microwave. If the food or drink is in an aluminum container, remove and place into something that is microwave compatible.

Step 3

Close the door and set cook or reheat time as suggested for the particular food or drink. If no suggestions or recommendations are given, you may want to start with one to two minutes, depending on the contents' temperature. If contents are frozen, you can defrost first before actually cooking.

Step 4

Restart microwave if additional cooking is needed after four minutes.

Step 5

Check contents periodically and (turn, or stir) to ensure even cooking.

Step 6

Remove food carefully and/or allow food to cool before removing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check your microwave oven’s manufacturer’s manual before using. Some microwave ovens have a faster or slower cook time than others.
  • To avoid busted cooking bags, place them on a microwave-safe plate.
  • Be careful when removing covers from hot containers, as escaping steam can cause burns.
  • Standing directly in front of or against an operating microwave can be harmful to your health.
  • Call 911 should a fire start inside the microwave. If it is safe, disconnect the power cord and leave door closed.
  • Using aluminum foil or any type of metal objects or containers can cause damage to your oven and/or create potential fire or burn hazards.