How to Organize an Amazon Wish List

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Organizing your Wish List can make gift giving easier for your loved ones.
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Without proper maintenance, an Amazon Wish List can become disorganized over time as you add and buy items and receive gifts. Amazon provides you with several on-site features to clean and customize it. You can remove items by deleting them or sending them to other lists, update items with important information and change the order in which items appear.


Remove Items

Options for removing items from the list are located on the right side of each line. If you have only one list, you delete an item by clicking "Delete Item." If you have more than one list, you click "Delete." To move an item to another wish or registry list, click "Move" and select the name of the list.


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Modify Details

All details about an item are modified in the same dialog box. Click "Add Comments, Quantity & Priority." Add a note for yourself about the item, such as the reason you want the item, in the Comment field. You can also select the item's level of importance to you in regards to other listed items on the Priority drop-down menu. If you need more than one of the item or additional pieces, enter amounts in the Quantity and Have fields, respectively. When you're finished, click "Save."



Change Order

When you change an item's priority to indicate how quickly you want or need it, that doesn't change its position on the list. To rearrange items so that those with the highest priority are nearer the top of the list, hover your cursor over an item until it turns into a hand icon and then click and drag the item to a higher or lower position.




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