How to Organize Internet Explorer Favorites in Alphabetical Order

By Shea Laverty

When your Internet Explorer bookmarks menu has become a disorganized mess, the Organize Favorites menu can help you tidy it. The tool can automatically sort all your bookmarks in alphabetical order, turning chaos into a logical, easy-to-browse list. The tool for organizing your bookmarks isn't readily apparent, however, nor is the means of sorting them once you launch it.

Step 1

Click the star-shaped "Favorites" icon to open the bookmark menu. If you've never sorted your bookmarks before, you'll see them currently listed in the order in which they were added.

Step 2

Click the down arrow on the "Add to favorites" drop-down menu and select "Organize favorites."

Step 3

Right-click any entry in the "Organize Favorites" window and select "Sort by name." Any random entry will suffice, as the context menu always features this option.

Step 4

Click "Close" once you've finished organizing the entries. Your list in the Favorites menu will now be organized alphabetically.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also manually click and drag your bookmarks into any order you choose in the "Organize Favorites" window.
  • While this tool sorts your bookmarks for you on-demand, future bookmarks won't be added in alphabetical order, but are added instead to the bottom of the list. Repeat this process periodically to keep your bookmarks organized.