How to Pair (Connect) a Bluetooth Headset to Your Phone

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Bluetooth provides a wireless headset for your cell phone.

Bluetooth is wireless technology that can link your phone to a headset, computer, another phone, or in extreme cases, your car and home. In order for your phone and Bluetooth to communicate, however, you need to "pair" the two -- in essence, connecting your Bluetooth headset to your phone without the wire.


Step 1

Put your Bluetooth device into "Pairing" mode.

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Step 2

Find the Bluetooth menu on your cell phone. On most phones, go to the "Settings" menu, then to "Connections," and then "Bluetooth." You are looking for a link to "Add a new device." -- On Motorola phones, it is in the "Handsfree" link. Select "Look for new device," and hit "OK." -- On Nokia Phones look for "Search for new audio enhancements." Hit "OK." -- On Samsung phones the Bluetooth menu might be under "Tools." Look for "Add new device." Hit "OK."


Step 3

Allow your phone to search for a couple seconds. If your headset is in pairing mode, it will show up on the phone either with the name of device or something like "unknown headset" or "b2.c3.f4.56.a1" (called a MAC address). Either way, select it and hit "OK."


Step 4

Enter the Bluetooth passcode. Your phone will ask you for a "Pin" or "Passcode" which is a 4-digit number. Headsets always have 0000 (four zeros) as a pin or passcode. Enter these four zeros and select "OK."

Step 5

Allow the headset and phone to connect to each other. The phone will display a message that will be something to the effect of: "Connected to headset." At this point, the phone may ask if you want to use the headset. This means all audio from phone calls would be routed to the headset rather than in to the phone's speaker or earpiece. Select "Yes" or "OK."


Step 6

Answer your calls using your Bluetooth by either: 1. Pulling the phone out of your pocket and hitting the answer button. 2. Touching the answer/end button on your headset without reaching for you phone.


The range of your headset is normally up to 30 feet in a direct line of sight. If you go into another room, your range may be decreased. If you do happen to go out of range, the call will be transferred back to the phone, and as soon as you are in range again, touch the answer button on the headset to let the phone know you're back in range. It will re-transfer the call back to the headset.