How to Play a Mini CD

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Listen to your mini-CD's music with a home stereo system.

Mini compact discs, or mini-CDs, are just smaller versions of a full-sized CD. The disc only holds about a third of the data as a standard CD, giving you just enough room for a hand full of songs. As long as you have a CD player with a standard CD tray or deck, you are going to have no problems playing the mini-CD in your stereo system. However, CD slots found on compact CD players and car stereos are not capable of playing mini-CDs.


Step 1

Power on the stereo system and open up the CD tray. Most CD stereo systems are top loaded and you slide the CD directly onto the wheel of the CD player. Slide the mini-CD into place and close the CD tray.

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Step 2

Set the CD player to "CD" and the stereo reads the disc. In a moment the number of tracks appears on the digital listing of the CD player.


Step 3

Select the track you want to listen to, then press "Play." In a moment the song from the CD begins to play through the stereo's speaker system.