How to Repair a Bose Multi CD Changer

By Nina Nixon

From time to time, your Bose Multi-CD changer may not update properly. Sound distortion and power issues may also occur every now and then. These and other issues are typically don't happen often. When one does, simplify the repair process with an organized troubleshooting approach.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft, dry, lint-free cloth

Step 1

Review your connections. Plug the changer's short link cable into the Wave music system's link connector. Plug the changer's short power cord into the Wave system's AC power input connector. Plug the changer's AC power cord into the back of the changer and the other end of the AC plug into the wall outlet. Insert a CD into the slot of the changer after about 20 seconds when the "Please Wait" disappears from the display.

Step 2

Turn off the Wave music system if it ejects the update software CD when it is inserted or the changer does not work. Disconnect and unplug all other devices to the unit. Insert the update software CD into the slot of the Wave music system. Turn the Wave music system back on. The disc ejects in about 30 seconds after the update has finished.

Step 3

Turn off the system if the changer still does not work. Unplug the power cord from the AC wall outlet. Wait 10 seconds and then replug the AC power cord back into the wall outlet.

Step 4

Check that the power outlet is working if you do not hear any sound. Tighten all device and cord connections. Turn on externally connected devices. Push in the stereo cable RCA plugs all the way. Press the "Aux" button on the remote control and select the correct input.

Step 5

Verify that the headphones are not connected if the sound is distorted or muffled.

Step 6

Lay the complete system on a flat, stable surface if the CD skips. Move it to an area where it free of being accidentally bumped.

Step 7

Clean the CD with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth if still skips. Use a straight inward to outward motion, and pull the dust out and away from the disc.

Step 8

Confirm that the CD is in the chosen CD slot if it plays but the current Disc Slot LED indicator is not lit green. Press the "CD" button on the remote control or Wave music system until the correct CD slot is selected.

Tips & Warnings

  • Uncurl the AC power cord to get the clearest FM reception.
  • Non-circular and mini-CDS are not compatible; therefore, if inserted, they can damage your changer system.