How to Play a Sony MP-120 Tape

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The Sony MP-120 is a two-hour camcorder tape.

The Sony MP-120 is a small, 8mm video cassette created for use with handheld camcorders. Playback of these cassettes require either the camcorder itself or an 8mm cassette player. The stand-alone players are expensive and difficult to find, so your best bet is a camcorder that supports the format, even if that means purchasing a new one.

Camcorder models that use the Sony MP-120 come with RCA outputs on them so you can connect the camera to another device for playback. Most televisions should do the job, and if you wish to watch the 8mm footage without hooking the camera up every time, you can record it to VHS.

Connecting RCAs to Camcorder

Step 1

Insert the 8mm tape into the camcorder. Your camcorder should be equipped with a button for switching between "record mode" and "playback mode." Switch it to "playback mode," press "play" on the camcorder, and look in the view finder to make sure you are are getting an image. You may have to rewind or fast-forward your tape to a spot where something has been recorded.

Step 2

Attach the RCA cable to the output slots on your camcorder. Make sure you match them by color; the yellow cable and output is for the video signal, and the red and white cables and their corresponding outputs are for the left and right audio channels.

Step 3

Connect a mono-to-stereo adapter into one of the RCA cables if your camcorder only comes with a single audio output. This splits the single channel into two so you get sound out of both speakers on the device to which you are connecting the camcorder.

Step 4

Connect any adapters that may be required, such as RCA to 1/8 inch or S-Video.

Playing the Tape Via Television

Step 1

Plug the unused ends of the RCA cables into your Television, VCR or computer. Any newer television should have an adequate amount of inputs for video devices in the back or side.

Step 2

Change the channel on the television to the video input into which you have your camcorder plugged.

Step 3

Press "play" on your camcorder. If you are not getting a signal, check your connections and the video input selected on the television.

Record 8mm Footage to VHS

Step 1

Plug the camcorder into the VCR.

Step 2

Set the viewing channel (the channel that displays when you are not watching a movie) on the VCR to the video input into which you have the camcorder plugged.

Step 3

Connect the VCR to one of the inputs on the television, and change the channel on the TV to that particular input.

Step 4

Press "play" on the camcorder. The footage from the 8mm cassette should be playing on your TV. If not, check your connections and be sure you have the proper channels selected on your VCR and television.

Step 5

Insert a blank VHS tape into the VCR. Press "record" at any point on it to transfer the 8mm footage to the tape.

Things You'll Need

  • 8mm camcorder

  • RCA cable

  • Adapters

  • Television

  • VCR (optional)


Don't mistake the Sony MP-120 8mm video cassettes with 8mm reel-to-reel film. These are separate formats; reel-to-reel players do not work with the MP-120 cassettes.